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Everything Stands Back Up

Field notes from the recovery labyrinth.

Complicated emotions and cautious optimism.

Music and lyrics by Nire Nah 
Produced by Patrick Budde 
Preserve Records 2020 

Vocals, guitar, ukulele: Nire Nah 
Keys and percussion: Patrick Budde 
Strings: Caitlin Shantz 
Bass: John Francis Klingle 

"Except for Me" guest artists: vocal soloist Amy Stuenkel, guitar soloist Greg Firak, and the Sober Singers of Chicago

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Coeur Age

Story-songs, anthems, tantrums, lullabies, and laments.

A life-or-death battle between Yes and No.

Music and lyrics by Nire Nah
Arranged and produced by Patrick Budde
Preserve Records 2018

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